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Monday 17 October 2016

Omg! Father Kills Friend with Machete After Catching Him R*ping His Daughter

*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
A man has left an indelible mark on his friend after using a machete to send him to the world beyond for r*ping his daughter. A father who could not stand the sight of seeing his daughter being r*ped by his friend has used a machete to kill him.
According to The NairobiNews, the incident took place on Sunday night. The randy man was hacked to death after he was allegedly found defiling the Form Two girl at Bokimonge sub location, Kenyenya Sub County in Kisii, Kenya.
Area Chief Onesmus Onyambu said John Ombongi Marege, had just left his wife in their house after a domestic quarrel.

“The man headed to his friend’s house in the neighbourhood where he met with the girl and locked themselves in,” he told the Nation on Monday.
The man's luck ran out after the wife had hinted the father of the child what her husband had done, prompting him to rush to the house he had locked her in.
The father, now who in police custody, ordered the man out but he and the girl tried to escape through the window.

“They pursued the two but the girl disappeared into darkness. The man who was armed with a panga and a rungu tried to attack the girl’s father after realising that he had been cornered……but the girl’s father who was also armed with a panga responded faster,” said the chief.
The man fell on the ground after suffering a deep cut on his hand and chest and died instantly.
The chief said police have launched investigations into the matter.

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