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Tuesday 11 October 2016

Omg! Man Cuts Off His Own Private Parts and Throws It in the Toilet...His Reason Will Shock You

*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
A frustrated young teenager has used a machete to cut off his manhood over what they did to him while he was in custody at a police station. 
A 20-year-old man has left many people in great shock after he chopped off his own manhood with a machete and threw it in the toilet.
He is nursing serious injuries at Busia Referral Hospital in Kenya after the incident.
According to a report by eDaily, Jafar Rashid claims life’s frustrations drove him to commit the drastic act, adding that his addiction to drugs mostly bhang (cannibis) also contributed to his woes.
Speaking on how the incident happened, his mother, Roselyn Fazira, said he asked for a knife saying he wanted to use it to cut some mangoes. Shortly after he got the knife, he emerged from his room bleeding, only for the mother to realize he had cut off his manhood.
The incident attracted a large crowd who came to witness the drama. Explaining why the man cut off his p*nis, Rashid’s aunt, Maurine Juma, said Rashid frustrations stemmed from a sodomy incident that took place at Nambale Police Station some time back.
It is believed he was sodomized by another man which has left him depressed over time.

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