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Tuesday 4 October 2016

Omg! Mathematics Teacher Runs Away After Forcing 14 Students to Have S*x with Him

A mathematics teacher has left many in shock after it was revealed that he has been forcefully having s*x with about 14 students in his school. A randy teacher, Praise Siphali who is also the head of department at Gungwe High in Zimbabwe is on the run after he allegedly forced 14 boys from the school to have s*x with him. 
The incident came to light on Monday after Siphali was allegedly assaulted by a mob of boys who are doing upper levels upon hearing complaints from the form ones that he was sexually abusing them. 
Siphali was rescued by security officers who seized the boys and escorted him to his home which is not far from the school.
The pupils reportedly wrote a report to the headmaster.
According to MasvingoMirror, Siphali of Gungwe area under Chief Mathe who teaches Ndebele and Mathematics at the school allegedly sodomised boys in form one. These boys stay in bush boarding because of the long distances between their homes and the school.
The shocking incident was confirmed by the Provincial Education Director for Matabeleland South Tumelang Thabisang confirmed the incident.
"The District Education Officer has notified me about the teacher who is reported to have abused school children at Gungwe High School. I have sent people to go on the ground and make investigations."
In the report the 14 pupils alleged that the accused came to their rooms every time he was drunk and forced them to remove their underpants and sodomised them.
Chief Mathe in whose jurisdiction the school falls under said the incident is extremely disgusting.
"I heard about the incident from the headmaster, Mr Mangazha last Friday. He said that 14 boys were sexually abused by their teacher. This is extremely bad and terrible because when we send our children to school, the aim is to get them educated. Such cases should be reported to Police and culprits dealt with accordingly," he said.

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