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Monday 10 October 2016

Omg! Meet the Female Rapper with the Craziest Hairstyle in Nigeria (Photos)

New photos have shown a female rapper with supposedly the craziest hairstyle in Nigeria and they have left people gasping. This is the young lady that has got people talking.
Her name is Temitope Ogunlade popularly known by her admirers as Topsy Gaga and she is a versatile Yoruba rapper.
The one thing that gets people talking about her is her hair. 
Her long braids reaching down to the ground behind her makes her stands out among her pairs.
She is often heard saying "My hairstyle is my signature" and fans cannot but agree that it is true.
Many social media users have judged that she has the craziest hairstyle in Nigeria with no one coming close.
See more photos below:

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