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Thursday 13 October 2016

Omg! Two Secondary School Students Bake Cake with Marijuana for Their Teachers...and This Happened

Two students who had the nerves to serve their own teachers marijuana in a cake, have found themselves in more trouble than they can handle. Two students in Zambia have landed in serious trouble.
They were arrested after they were found out to have served their teachers a cake laced with marijuana.
The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) of Zambia arrested the two juveniles of a Secondary School in Ndola for trafficking in drugs after putting drugs in food they served to their teachers.
The two juvenile pupils allegedly baked a cake laced with cannabis for their teachers during the commemoration of World Teachers Day.
According to Lusaka Times, DEC Spokesperson Theresa Katongo revealed in a statement that after consuming the said cake, the five teachers began laughing loudly and behaving strangely.
Ms. Katongo added that two of the teachers later got very sick and were admitted at Ndola Central Hospital.
She said the two juvenile pupils are currently in Police custody and will appear in Court soon.
Ms. Katongo has since warned school-going children to desist from engaging in illicit activities as they risk ruining their future.

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