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Thursday 13 October 2016

Omg! Two Teenagers Arrested by Policemen on Their Way to Behead an Innocent Victim (Photos)

The boys were arrested while on their way to behead an innocent victim
The Police have caught two teenagers who were on their way to behead an innocent victim near a mosque. 
Police in Bankstown in Sydney have arrested two teenagers who had allegedly planned to carry out an attack on an innocent member of the public have been charged with terror-related offences.
According Dailymail, the 16-year-old's were arrested near a mosque in Bankstown in Sydney's west on Wednesday, and were allegedly carrying handwritten notes pledging allegiance to ISIS.
Police gathered one of the boys is understood to be the son of a convicted terrorist, allegedly bought bayonets from a gun shop before setting off to carry out the attack.
The duo were on Thursday charged with acts in preparation to commit a terrorist act, and police said the alleged offences were 'extremely serious'.

'Those charges are extremely serious charges with the acts in preparation to commit a terrorist act with a maximum of life imprisonment,' NSW Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn said. 
They were also charged with membership of a terrorist organisation - and police believe they had links to ISIS. 

'In respect of these two I think that they've probably had some degrees of radicalisation from potentially radicalised peers,' she said.

'This is very serious, extremely serious, and the age of these people at the age of 16 is unbelievably serious,' Ms Burn added.
The pair will face Parramatta Children's Court on Thursday. 

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