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Monday 17 October 2016

Pastor Whose Late Sister's Skeleton was Found in His House, Makes Scary Claims About the Mysterious Situation

The Pastor, Sunday Oluwatobiloba
The pastor who had last week, caused serious commotion in Ogun State community after a human skeleton was found right inside his home, has made some shocking revelation about the mysterious situation. A self-acclaimed pastor and her sister arrested by police in Ogun State for being in possession of a skeleton alleged to be the body of their late sister, are making scary claims about the mysterious situation.
According to Channels Television, Sunday Oluwatobiloba claims that the sister is not dead but on a journey and will return to the skeleton this year.

“She has gone on a spiritual journey and she has been in that position in the last six years. We are expecting her back  before the end of this years and we are not afraid to live with her,” Sunday explained.
The skeleton has been in a bedroom in their rented apartment in Peace Land Estate, Akute for six years. Peace Land Estate lies within Osolo town off Akute-Lambe road in Ogun State. 
Sunday Oluwatobiloba's residence in Akute
The 30-year-old self-acclaimed pastor and his sister has lived there for about a decade.
The bubble, however, busted on the Ogbomoso born son when the caretaker of his two room apartment, whom he has owed rent for more than a year, insisted he must quit the apartment.
It was shocking to discover a human-like skeleton in a sitting position right in the inner room. It is more shocking to know that it is the skeleton of the sister, as they claimed.
Speaking exclusively with Channels Television, Sunday and his sister Elizabeth, who are now in police custody with the skeleton, claimed to have lived with the it for over six years.
Commissioner of Police in Ogun State, Ahmed Iliyasu
No one, including their family members, is aware of this development, something that Sunday’s sister emphasised.
Elizabeth said she was at work the day the sister died. “Each time they call, we will tell them that she has travelled and that she will soon be back,” she explained.
Condemning the strange action, the Commissioner of Police in Ogun State, Ahmed Iliyasu, explained that both suspects would be charged as soon as investigations were concluded.

“The suspects are undergoing interrogation to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the presence of human skeleton’s in that flat,” he told reports.
While the police continue their investigation, it may also be necessary to carry out some tests on the suspects to ascertain their state of mind.

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