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Thursday 6 October 2016

Popular U.S Stripper, Zola Slammed for Flaunting Boobs and Breastfeeding Her Baby in Public (Photos)

Zola and her hubby (left) and during her pregnancy (right)
Zola the Stripper who shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her 5-month-old daughter at a Hooters restaurant is being bashed by many calling her a child abuser, a molester and more. 
22-year-old popular American stripper, Aziah King, widely known as Zola d' Stripper, who few months ago, set the internet on fire with epic Twitter tale of prostitution, pimps and murder, is now married and has a four-month-old daughter with her husband, Sean. 
She is back in the limelight after a controversial photo of breastfeeding she posted on social media which has already gone viral with mixed reactions and criticisms as many are calling her a 'child abuser', a 'molester' and more for exposing her boobs.
Zola's controversial photo buzzing online
Below is how TMZ reported the story;

"Zola the stripper's boobs are making her famous again ... but this time it has nothing to do with a wild adventure with "white bitch" Jessica -- it's about feeding her infant inside Hooters.

"Zola's pic of her breastfeeding her 5-month-old daughter got torn apart by Twitter trolls -- who've called her everything from a "child abuser" to a "molester" for choosing to open the milk bar for all to see.

"Zola, whose real name is Aziah King, is a former Hooters waitress and tells us she was shocked by the backlash because she breastfeeds in malls, grocery stores and even church. As for the Hooters hate, she thinks it's hypocritical to ask her to cover her boobs in a place that celebrates them.

"BTW, she says no one at the restaurant said a thing, so she didn't think it was a big deal. The way Zola puts it, if her daughter's hungry ... she's gonna eat."

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