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Monday 10 October 2016

Raiding homes of judges if done without a proper search warant from the court is nothing but tyranny- Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani stated this in a Facebook post while reacting to the recent arrest of some judges by DSS officials in Abuja and other states over the weekend. Read below...
The raid on the residences of the Judges if done without a proper search Warant from the court is nothing but tyranny. The millions harvested from the raid of Judges residences if it's proceeds from the sale of Justice is nothing but corruption.
To support a Gestapo raid on the Judges residences, typical of a Stasi state,without recourse to procedures of the rule of Law is to endorse the sadistic tendencies of a budding totalitarian state.

To defend the Judges When "the raiders" followed due process of law and provided clear evidence of corruption, is to embrace and endorse thievery. A-Rule of law is the most potent tool for fighting corruption. B-Where Justice is for sale,the law is a commodity. C-We have a dual moral duty;to object to any attempt to circumvent the rule of law by the state apparatus;and to resist anyone who attempts to turn our courts of law into stock exchange.

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