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Saturday 15 October 2016

Rwanda's health sector undergoes revolution with drone delivery of medical supplies to rural areas

Rwanda's health sector is set to lead the way in the supply of medical kits to rural areas in Africa. The country has inaugurated delivery drones dubbed "Zips" which can make up to 150 blood deliveries daily. The Zipline project as it is called is funded by US package-delivery giant UPS and global vaccine alliance Gavi to the tune of $1.1million.

Keller Rinaudo, CEO of Zipline said:
"So this is a really urgent product. 80% is going to people, mums and kids whose lives are on the line. And the challenge with blood is that it doesn't last very long and there are lots of different types of it. The project which is hailed as the world’s first commercial regular drone delivery service will initially be used to deliver blood, plasma, and coagulants to hospitals across rural western Rwanda. Zipline plans to open a second base in Rwanda next year.

Source: African News 

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