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Wednesday 12 October 2016

See Face of Greedy Nigerian Policeman Caught on Camera Collecting Bribe (Photo)

The greedy and corrupt police officer stretching his hand to collect bribe from a motorist
An unidentified police officer has been caught red-handed collecting bribe from a motorist in broad daylight. Many people have continued to cry out over the unnecessary extortion they face in the hands of men of the Nigerian Police Force whose stock in trade is to harass and exploit the citizens they are expected to protect. 
Luck ran out on one of the officers after he was caught on camera taking bribe from a motorist in broad day light. He was filmed without his knowledge as he stretched out his hand to take the money. 
Officers of the Nigerian Police have always been a major problem for many Nigerians as they are known to publicly engage in all sorts of impunity without caring what impression it leaves on the citizens. The issue of bribe taking has become somewhat of a trade mark as they openly take bribes and often go unpunished.

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