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Friday 14 October 2016

Shock as Mother Beats Her Own 6-month-old Daughter to Death...You Won't Believe Why She Did It (Photo)

Lieutenant-Colonel Ben Phete (left, back), Detective-Constable Kgositsile Taolo and Captain Gaoretelelwe Lukas with the two suspects.
A woman has gotten a lot of people totally shocked with her overly cruel act after she was found out to have murdered her own baby.A woman who believed that her baby girl was possessed has beaten the child to death.
Trouble started when the mother consulted her cousin’s boyfriend, who was a herbalist, because her baby was crying too much. She was shocked when the man told her that the child was possessed.
According to Daily Sun SA, the herbalist reportedly said the child was possessed by evil spirits, which would affect the family badly.
The mother and her cousin’s boyfriend allegedly beat the little girl to death!
Daily Sun SA reports that the baby, a 6-month-old, died a brutal death in the family yard in Mataleng kasi in Barkly West, Northern Cape, on Wednesday. Both suspects were arrested.
A neighbour said: “The cousin’s boyfriend said the baby was a curse on the family. He said the child was possessed and they started beating her with a sharp stick and stabbing her thighs with porcupine quills.

“I believe they were the ones who were possessed. How could they kill an innocent soul?”
Northern Cape police spokesman Lieutenant Sergio Kock said the police were investigating a murder case after the body of the girl was found in a house in Mataleng.
“The baby had severe bruising all over her body.
“It was found the little girl was beaten to death, allegedly by her 30-year-old mum and a 35-year-old man, who is the boyfriend of the mum’s cousin. The two were arrested and investigations continue,” Kock said.

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