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Friday 14 October 2016

Shocker! Man Meets a Lady on Instagram and Marries Her...What Happened Next was Surprising

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A man succeeded in marrying a lady on Instagram, but on the night of their wedding in bed, he witnessed the shock of his life. A man identified as Dee reportedly found a pretty girl on Instagram, and within some days they were out on a date. They fell in love and six months down the line, they became husband and wife.
According to a shocking revelation on social media, the man was respectful enough not to hurry his new wife into laying her, and just like the Holy books advised, he waited for the right time to get down with her.
It was learnt that things turned ugly when the two were in bed to have intimacy. The lady hit the bathroom, had a shower and on returning, the man realised she wasn't the same girl he had has always dated.
He has cried out to his friend asking his friend to come and take him away from the marriage. Below is how he narrated his experience to his friend on Facebook;

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