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Wednesday 12 October 2016

Shocking! How a 4-year-old Girl Got 80 Maggots Removed from Her Ear After Surgery in India (Photos)

Radhika Mandloi, from central India
A four year old girl from central India, who went to the doctors complaining of an itch, has had 80 maggots removed from her ear which she got from living in dirty condition. 80 maggots have been removed from the ear of a 4-year-old girl, Radhika Mandloi, from central India, after she suffered from extreme pain and itching in her left ear as a result of living in dirty conditions.
Dailymail UK reported that medical doctors were shocked to find a blow fly attracted to bad smells inside her ear which had laid around 80 larva.
They warned if she was left untreated for any longer, the insects could have began to start eating at her brain - putting her life in danger. 
Dr Raj Kumar Mundra, from the hospital, said: 'I was very shocked to see so many eggs. This type of bug is attracted to foul smells and extremely unhygienic conditions. 
She had two operations, which lasted for 90 minutes each, to kill the maggots while they were still positioned in her ear

'It’s evident this family live in unhygienic conditions which has seen the young girl suffer as a consequence. It’s a very sad state of affairs. And as the ears and nose are areas most vulnerable and open they enter and lay eggs. 

'We’ve had previous cases where they’ve had two or three eggs but this is the first time we’ve seen anyone with such a huge amount.'
After a thorough examination to determine the cause of her pain, Radhika had two sittings to remove the insects. Both operations, which lasted for 90 minutes each, involved killing the maggots while they were in her ear. 
Dr Mundra said the worms can cause severe damage to the ear bone if there is an excessive movement. 
The first operation removed around 70 of the insects while the second sitting got rid of the remaining few. 

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