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Friday 14 October 2016

So Terrifying! Blood Flows in Dramatic Moment a Big Shark Broke Into a Diver's Cage (Photos+Video)

The terrifying moment a diver was trapped inside a cage with a ferocious great white shark
Terrifying moment huge great white shark breaks into a diver's cage before eventually forcing its way out as stunned man who was trapped inside with the beast scrambles back to the boat. A dramatic video which emerged online few hours ago and has already gone viral, shows the terrifying moment a diver found himself trapped inside a tiny cage with a great white shark - and somehow emerged unscathed.
According to Dailymail, the unbelievable footage captures the moment a shark-watching expedition went horribly wrong and almost ended with a diver being torn to shreds.
The incredible footage shot was filmed during a cage diving trip off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico.
The clip shows how a great white shark was feeding on a large chunk of tuna when it appears to become a little zealous as it swings its fin violently in the water. Then, the shark makes a dramatic lunge forward, slamming into the metal cage.
Workers say the shark broke the metal cage railing as a diver was inside.
At one point, you can see blood coming from the shark's gigantic mouth. The good news is the diver was okay after dive instructors lifted the top of the cage to let the shark out.
The instructors say this is an extremely rare event, and it's even more incredible that it was all caught on camera.
Watch the video clip below;

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