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Wednesday 5 October 2016

Stampede in Church as Woman Gives Birth to Snake, Confesses to Satanism

Photo used for illustrative purposes only
There was a stampede in the early hours of Saturday morning when a snake appeared and crawled out from a woman's body during an all-night church service. Scores of congregants were left in total shock on Saturday during a church service at Prophet Shame Hungwe’s House of Grace International Church at Machipisa lunar park in Zimbabwe, after a snake came out of a woman during a deliverance session at the all night service dubbed ‘Restoration night’.
According to H-Metro, there was a stampede by the church members as the woman began to move like a snake when Prophet Hungwe started praying for her which then led to snake slithering out of her clothes onto the floor causing commotion among some of the thousands that attended the event.
Speaking in an interview with a correspondent, the church’s spokeperson, Onayi Rutsinga  said:
“Yes this thing happened. It’s amazing how God works, I think this is one of the rare miracles to happen and we just give glory to God because this was all his work. This woman actually confessed that she was part of Satanism. 

"It’s quite normal for people to panic and have fear for snakes hence the stampede that happened but the situation was well handled and there was no reports of injuries whatsoever. 

"The snake was killed and burnt. We had to stop the issuing of the restoration water because there was too much commotion since we had thousands of people in attendance. We had to issue out the water on Sunday during the service.”

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