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Monday 10 October 2016

Tina Knowles celebrates her daughter, Solange's successful music album

Solange Knowles has landed her first number one album on the Billboard 200 chart. The singer reportedly spent four years writing the album, which hit No. 1 after selling 72,000 million copies since being released on September 30. Her Mother Tina Knowles took to her Instagram page to celebrate her. She wrote:

"How about those Knowles girls ❤️I'm sorry if it seems like I'm bragging, but I just couldn't be more proud right now to see this family history being made, and I also know how hard they work and how much sacrifice they made to do this so they deserve all the Kudos! I am proud to say that they follow two awesome sibling duos ! Micheal and Janet Jackson and Master P and Silk The Shocker

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