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Friday 7 October 2016

Top Government Official Caught Pants Down with Another Man's Wife and Disgraced (Photo)

Migori Public Service Board, Okumu Ongwala was left disgraced after the incident
A top government official has been left disgraced and embarrassed after he was caught n*ked with another man's wife. A top member of the Migori Public Service Board, Kenya was caught pants down at a lodging in Sirare border with someone’s wife.
According to The Nairobian, Okumu Ongwala  was caught by the woman’s husband and the police who had laid a trap for him. He had allegedly asked to sleep with the said woman before, claiming he was in a position to offer her a job.
It was gathered that the man was among those in the board currently interviewing nurses and the said woman was one of the interviewees.
He had told the woman to sleep with him if she wants to get the job.
The intelligent woman reported the matter to the husband who in turn reported the matter to the police. The police laid a trap and busted the man n*ked in a lodging.
He was booked at the Sirare Police Station but later released on bail. The man has been shamed after his photo went viral.

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