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Tuesday 11 October 2016

Unbelievable! South African Universities Set to Teach Witchcraft as a Course... See Shocking Details

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Higher Education in South Africa is about to get a lot more interesting as witchcraft is set to be included in school programs. Blade Nzimande, the South African Minister of Advanced education and Training, has made a new startling revelation.
The man has declared arrangements to have witchcraft incorporated into the educational programs from 2018.
According to South Africa Live Monitor, the minister, while addressing delegates from Student Government unions around the nation, declared the stunning move and encouraged future college courses to consider taking Witchcraft.
“There is a great deal we can gain from witchcraft, similar to how they fly in that winnowing wicker bin. Suppose we discover that aptitude. It will annihilate car influxes and everybody will simply get in their crate and fly. It additionally implies we won’t import fuel any longer.” he said
The Minister additionally welcomed eminent witches to make a meeting with his office so they can have their abilities tried and those exceptional would then be contracted as speakers.
He likewise welcomed witches from over the world, promising them changeless occupants grants.
“I addressed Gibs (Minister of Home issues Malusi Gigaba) and he consented to issue witches from outside South Africa with lasting habitation grants. I heard Malawi and Zimbabwe have an amazing accumulation of witches. We are trusting they will notice the call”, he included.
Applications is said to close soon after which a named board with behavior interviews.
There is at present is an opening for 109 witches.

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