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Thursday 6 October 2016

Unreal Optical Illusions: See the Unbelievable Photos Causing Serious Confusion on Social Media

An optical illusion image
Optical illusions are increasingly popular online in recent times. Some photos making rounds on social media has left many in a state of confusion. Check them out! 
A above photo of three women sitting on a park bench has left the internet in a state of confusion. At first glance the photo appears to show the trio pausing for a sit down during a sunny stroll.
But there's something wrong with the image that only become obvious on closer inspection. 
On close inspection, there appears to be no seat on the bench and the women are hovering mid air. The most likely explanation is that the bench features smaller pull out seats.  
If you look closer you will see that something is not quite right
At first glance the above below picture looks like a regular selfie of a woman striking a seductive pose on her bed, but if you look closer you will see that something is not quite right with the black and white image.
At closer inspection it is revealed that the woman actually has six fingers instead of five. The subtle abnormality is likely to be a clever trick of Photoshop, designed to confuse.
An image of a floral carpet, uploaded by Jeya May Cruz from Pasig, the Philippines, was shared nearly 16,000 times and reached 120,000 reactions. Why? Because the photograph contains a camouflaged mobile phone that is devilishly hard to spot.  
If you are struggling, the phone has a floral pattern which does not quite match the carpet. Still confused? The device is just beside the right side table leg at the top of the photo. It may seem a simple find, but it has left thousands bewildered.
See more optical illusion photos below;
Credits: Dailymail

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