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Wednesday 12 October 2016

Very Stupid & Callous: Angry Man Reveals the Reason Why His Fiance Chose to Marry Him

Illustrative photo (Credit: Dreamstime)
A very angry man has taken to a popular online platform to reveal his frustration on the reason why his fiance chose to marry him. Below is how a very furious man narrated his story on LIB;
"I read a conversation on my fiancee's Whatsapp chat. She told her best friend that the only reason she wants to marry me is because of my surname. My surname is Anthony. She said she wants an English surname and I am the only one out of all her suitors that has one and that's why she chose to marry me. 

"I have never heard of anything more stupid and callous and I am very upset. Who chooses a life partner because of their surname? I feel like calling off the engagement but should I talk to her first?"

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