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Thursday 6 October 2016

Witch Caught While Trying to Bury Diabolic Charm in Her Neighbour's Compound (Photos)

The woman was caught as she tried to bury charm in her neigbhour's house
An elderly woman many allege is a witch has landed in trouble after she was caught in her neigbhour's house with charms. A woman alleged to be a witch has been caught red-handed and disgraced after she tried to bury diabolic charm in her neighbour's compound in a community in Anambra State. She was caught and beaten before she was paraded in public.
The story was shared on Facebook by Uju Patricia who wrote:
"She went to bury charm behind one ofieli family just behind her house and she was caught live and they went to her house and found a goat that was shedding tears like a human being, according to her many charm was found in her house and a two month old pregnant goat that the chest was open were she also prepare her charms".

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