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Sunday 16 October 2016

Woman tries to force her boyfriend to undergo circumcision and is thinking of quitting the relationship after he cried and backed out

 A Reddit user, Madgal87, took to the page to vent about how she was 'horrified' when she realised that her boyfriend wasn't circumcised.  She then tried to persuade him to undergo circumcision which he agreed to, but on getting to the hospital he got scared and couldn't go through with it. He ended up crying at the doctor's office before backing out. Her write up sparked a wave of fury from commenters as it ended with her saying she wanted to break up.  See the post and some of the replies she got below...
' So I have been dating my boyfriend for 6 months now and started having sexual relations two month ago. When he took down his pants, I was horrified. He was uncircumcized and it looked terrible.'
Not wanting to hurt his feelings, I pretended to like it thinking I'd get used to it. I was wrong. Two weeks ago, I talked to him about it to get him to go under the knife so to speak. At first he refused, but I told him about how the three guys I've been with had been circumsized and not only did it look better but they said it felt better too. Finally after some persuading, he decided to do it. Fast forward to yesterday, he finally decided to go to the doctor to undergo the circumcision procedure that would've only taken a few minutes. In the waiting room, he started crying and kept saying he couldn't go through with it'We left with him still not undergoing the procedure. It was embarrassing for both of us having a grown man cry at the doctor. Why couldn't he just man up it would be best for him and our relationship? 'I don't know if I can be with a guy who is uncircumsized and worse who would cry in public. No advice needed. Just venting.



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