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Thursday 6 October 2016

Wow! Meet the S*xiest Referee in the World Who is Causing a Stir on Social Media (Photos)

Ekaterina Kostjunina
A young woman who is a professional referee has caused quite a stir online after these photos of hers were released. This is Ekaterina Kostjunina, a young woman with a career as a professional referee.
Kostjunina recently whistled up a social media frenzy by posting a series of scantily-clad photos on Instagram.
Many social media users have used the term "most s*xy referee in the world" to describe her.
The Russian who also describes herself as a “football player and university student” has already attracted nearly 5,000 Instagram followers.
And her photos are the type of publicity that perhaps would be a surprise to most officials in Britain, showing the different cultures between the countries.
From selfies in bikinis to shopping photos, Ekaterina seems happy to let her snaps do the talking.
Below are more photos:

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