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Thursday 2 February 2017

32 people die in Somalia after drinking from well allegedly poisoned by Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab

At least 32 people, mostly women and children have died in Somalia the last 48 hours in Baidoa after they drank water from a well that is believed to have been poisoned, officials said on Monday More than 20 others are in critical condition after drinking the water in Masuubiye near the south-western city of Baodoa, regional senior official Hassan Hussein Elay said.
According to local media, the locals are reported to have fallen ill after taking water from the well which is the only water source in the area.
Ellay accused al-Shabaab of poisoning the well, as the Islamist militant group has reportedly poisoned wells in the past:
"Al-Shabaab poisoned the waterhole to prevent government soldiers from drinking water there, " he said.

South West Finance Minister Sheikh Hassan Ibrahim and Disarmament and Rehabilitation minister Hassan Hussein Mohamed visited the village on Sunday and are mobilising for the sick to be transported to hospital as there are no medical facilities in the area.

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