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Thursday 9 February 2017

After 30 hours of debate from Democrats, U.S Senate finally confirms Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

The United States Senate on Wednesday finally confirmed Jeff Sessions as the next Attorney General of the Federation following a long debated session between Democratic and Republican senators that ended 52-47 in favor of Jeff .

The debate, which took over 30 hours, was a welcome development for Trump, who Tweeted earlier that he didn't still have a full cabinet due to politicking among Democratic senators. All but one Democrat voted against confirming Sessions, while his Republican colleagues unanimously backed him. 
Jeff Sessions, a Trump loyalist and one of Trump's earliest supporters in the Senate, said he would resign from his senate office 11:59 p.m. Wednesday as the White House is scheduled to swear him in Thursday morning.
"It was a special night," Sessions told reporters on Capitol Hill after his confirmation. "I appreciate the friendship from my colleagues -- even those who, many of them who didn't feel able to vote for me. They were cordial, and so we continue to have good relations and will continue to do the best I can."

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