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Sunday 12 February 2017

Commotion as Pastor is Arrested for Beating Wife and Daughters to Stupor in Plateau (Photo)

The pastor's daughters were left with various degree of injuries
A man of God has landed in serious trouble after he assaulted his wife and two kids over a simple matter in Plateau state. Mrs Rachel Christopher has narrated how her husband, Pastor Christopher Sule, who claimed to be pursuing second degree at a theological seminary in Jos, Plateau State assaulted her and the daughters after a disagreement.
According to The Tribune, the man of God allegedly flogged the daughter to stupor and assaulted the wife when she tried to intervene. The cause of the beating was because of his children's inability to recite what they were taught in school. Sule left the mother and daughter with devastating injuries.
The woman alleged that for the past three years, they had been in bondage and under the yoke of maltreatment by her husband who under slight provocation would descend on she and the children to stupor.
Mrs Christopher, who said friends and relations intervened severally without any remorse from her husband, stated that management of the school where the children attended last week noticed several lacerations on their bodies as result of severe beating over a minor issue.
The management of the school reported the incident to the National Security and Civil Defense Corp at Jos South Local Government secretariat and the father was apprehended for interrogation.
“My husband was arrested and taken to the local government secretariat, though he has been beating them but the last one was so terrible that I had to struggle with him to rescue the children. But I got the beating of my life in the process. The beating has become so rampant that the people in the neighbourhood no longer intervene,” she claimed.
According to her, she had threatened several times to park out of her matrimonial home along with her children but was often prevailed upon by family members to stay for the sake of her children and pray for her husband to turn a new leaf.
Said she: “It is like my husband is under a spell or spiritual attack. Anytime my husband carried out this evil act, he always came back, pleading and telling me to pray for him because he did not know what came upon him. We have fasted and prayed together over this issue”
However, Pastor Christopher Sule said he could not justify his action and confessed that he flogged his daughters more than the offence they committed.
“I don’t know what came upon me, though I have been beating them that way for the past three years. I always regretted my action. By nature I am temperamental, and I need deliverance,” he said.
Sule, who wept profusely, admitted flogging them and told Sunday Tribune at the Secretariat of Jos North Local Government, where he was taken to, that he flogged them when they could not recollect what they were taught in school. However, he pleaded for mercy, promising to love his children.
The chairman of Jos North Local Government, Comrade Jonathan Pwakim, who confirmed the incident, said the council will henceforth collaborate with Child Protection Agency and State Ministry of Women Affairs to enlighten parents on the danger of child abuse.
Comrade Pwakim said Pastor Christopher would be handed to relevant law enforcement agencies for prosecution to serve as a deterrent to others.

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