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Friday 3 February 2017

"Don't mind them, they think you are dead..." Man's heartbreaking words to wife who died after childbirth, 20 days after their wedding

Devastated husband of Corps member who died hours after giving birth to a baby boy, has paid a tribute to his wife. 
23-year-old Tochi Vera and Elvis Onyema Ekezie, who is based in Jakarta, Indonesia had their traditional wedding on December 22. She died on January 11th. 

Elvis took to his Facebook page on January 14, to pen a short tribute to his late wife and it's obvious he hasn't come to term with the tragedy. She was laid to rest on January 26, in Umenkpe Uzoagba village in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State. May her soul rest in peace.

"Beautiful soul..., Don't mind them baby, they think that you are dead but they don't know that you are very much alive cos I still see, hear and talk with you everyday. Death cannot do us apart cos I know that you are sleeping and will talk to me when you wake up in the morning.., Good night my love"

Below is Tochi's last Facebook page...

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