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Tuesday 14 February 2017

Emir of Kano recalls raising alarm that $20bn was missing in the Federation account during GEJ's administration

Emir of Kano who was formerly the Central Bank Governor, on his Instagram page, recalled when he raised the alarm in 2013 that $20 billion revenue generated from the sale of oil by NNPC was not remitted into the Federation account between 2012 and 2013.

Sanusi was later sacked by former president Goodluck Jonathan in February 2014.

Against the backdrop of the $9.8 million recently found in the Kaduna home of former NNPC Managing Durector Andrew Yakubu, Sanusi on his IG page shared the photo above and wrote
  • "Saw it coming. Lesson: Learn as much as you can from those who know more than you do, who do better than you, who see more clearly than you and never top learning from those around you. Period!".

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