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Wednesday 15 February 2017

Fayose accuses FG of withholding Ekiti state's January allocation

Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, has accused the Federal government of withholding the January allocation of the state. Fayose at a press conference in the state capital Ado-Ekiti, alleged that the state allocations are being withheld by the Buhari-led administration because of his constant criticisms of their policies. He said

“After the Federal Allocation Committee meeting, it is sad that Ekiti Federal Allocation for January has not been released. Secondly, the budget support, for which we signed an ISPO for all states in Nigeria, Ekiti remains the only state not paid for the month of January, no excuse or explanation has been given. I have written to the Federal Ministry of Finance, my Commissioner has been there, as well as the Central Bank of Nigeria, nobody is ready to talk to us. We contacted the Honourable Minister, all the Directors at the Ministry of Finance, everybody is shying away from talking to us for the last 10 days now. I want to appeal to the Federal Government, I want to appeal to the Ministry of Finance not to allow the civil servants in Ekiti to suffer".
The Federal government is yet to react to this claim.

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