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Saturday 11 February 2017

Former Premier League star Heitinga says he has had to adjust his luxury lifestyle following retirement

Former Everton centre back Johnny Heitinga raked in plenty of cash during a career that saw him turn out for the lines of Ajax, Atletico Madrid, Fulham and Hertha Berlin. The 33yr old Dutchman hung up his boots in February 2016 and by the standards of an ultra rich footballer, he's finding life a bit tough without the regular fat cheques.
He says he is now having to 'adjust' to his new life and insists he and his family no longer live the luxury lifestyle they used to enjoy. 'When I was still playing football we had a lot more money coming in. Our expenditures were likewise. Now we are trying to adjust,' Heitinga said in an interview with 1limburg.
Heitinga, who earned 87 caps for the Holland national team, added that he and his wife Charlotte-Sophie miss their high-class travel.
'In the past, we sometimes chartered a private jet, but we don't do that now' he added. 'On holidays we do still rent a fancy villa, but you get different categories of 'fancy'.' 'We are trying to get used to it. Sometimes it is difficult,' said the former player's wife. 
'We could not easily go to Paris, Milan or New York back then for shopping. '[Our stylist Danie Bles] would do it for us. But we are now having fun doing it ourselves!' 

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