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Tuesday 14 February 2017

Hit and run: "To the driver that hit my grandfather, I hope you pay for what you did" SA woman writes (photos)

A South African woman, Shane Shamrock posted photos of her grandfather who was injured by a hit and run driver yesterday morning, while he was cycling. Narrating what happened, she wrote:
"To the driver that hit my grandfather this morning, I hope you pay for what you did. It infuriates me that someone can be so senseless to hit someone on the road at 05:45am and 5kms back hit 2 other cyclists & continue to drive off.
This is my grandfathers passion and he is known for his passion & commitment towards his training.  He is now in the emergency department and the pain on his face breaks my heart.   
Speedy Recovery my Gamps and we with you all the way! I will find that driver"


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