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Friday 3 February 2017

Jose Mourinho storms out of interview as he moans about preferential treatment of Klopp & Wenger

After Manchester United's miserable and vague 0-0 draw with Hull City last night, a grumpy and visibly irritated Jose Mourinho blasted the FA, saying he gets on the wrong path of the FA all the time compared to his rivals Arsene Wenger and Jurgen Klopp.
Jose Mourinho's anger was aimed at match referee Mike Jones over Hull's time-wasting tactics and refereeing decisions that didn't go Man U's way.
Mourinho stormed out of the TV interview at 88 seconds when asked to be specific about his complaints, telling the journalist  'If you don't know football, you shouldn't be with a microphone in your hand.'
'You know clearly that I am different. The rules for me are different. I am different in everything.'
'I (had to) watch my team play in a hotel, I was forbidden to go to the stadium, my assistant had a six-match stadium ban and he didn't touch anyone.'
(In reference to Wenger pushing a fourth official two weeks ago)
And in a thinly veiled swipe at Klopp he added: 'On Tuesday, one fourth official told a manager: "I enjoy very much your passion, so do what you want to do".
'Today I was told "sit down or I have to send you to the stands", so everything is different for me. Don't ask me questions that put me in a difficult situation.'
'If I speak I am punished. I don't want to be punished,' added Mourinho. 'I'm not happy with the result. I won't criticise the opponents because they are fighting for their lives. Every point for them is golden.
'They have to fight with everything they have. They tried to see what they were allowed to do. The referee gave the feedback. And then they were comfortable doing what they did for 90 minutes. I'm not critical of the opposition because they are fighting for their lives.
'If I was in your place I wouldn't ask the manager. I would just see and write what is my opinion. If I was on your side, I wouldn't be asking the United manager. Just write what is happening during almost every game with us.'
See the full transcript of his interview as shared by Dailymail U.K. :

Interviewer: Overall impression of tonight's performance?
Jose Mourinho: We didn't score. You don't score, it's not possible to win.
Interviewer: Their keeper was in marvellous form when you did get through?
JM: Yeah their goalkeeper was good.
Interviewer: What do you think was missing from display tonight to create more chances?
JM: We needed to score, we needed more time to play. I think if we played 35-40 minutes in both halves, total of both halves, I think is a lot. I think Hull City they tried to see where they could go, the way they could behave, they try to see what the referee would allow them to do. They had their feedback, they were comfortable then to do what they did and I'm not a critic of that because they are in the position they are. They are fighting for relegation, every point for them is gold and I'm not critic with them.
Interviewer: What do you feel the referee should have pulled them up on?
JM: Well if you don't know football, you shouldn't be with a microphone in your hand. (storms off)

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