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Friday 17 February 2017

Kind-hearted Nigerian Man Delivers 'Get-well-soon' Card & Flower to President Buhari in London (Photos)

The man delivering the card and letter to Buhari
A Nigerian well wisher has melt hearts online after photos of him delivering a flower and card meant for President Muhammadu Buhari in London emerged on social media. A kind-hearted Nigerian man identified as Akinjide Ajisafe, is trending online after he delivered a flower and 'Get Well Soon' card meant for President Muhamamdu Buhari at the Abuja house in London. 
The printed message in the card also wished the president a speedy recovery. In the card signed on February 13, Ajisafe wrote the following message: 
"Dear President M Buhari,
"May the prayers and blessings of good health I am sending with these flowers make you stronger and healthy.
"Mr president, I am sure if you have look outside, right in London the sun of Allah is shining and he is telling you to get well.
"Many are so eager to have you back, especially in terms of the stability of the country. I hope this little card and flower help a little to know how lovingly you are thought of by many of us in UK. May Allah continue to guide, bless and direct you to the right path." 

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