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Wednesday 1 February 2017

Medical Doctor Lands in Hot Soup After Filming Himself Having S*x with Patients

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A respected medical doctor has landed himself into serious trouble after a witness revealed to the General Osteopathic Council of the practitioner's illicit office romance. The General Osteopathic Council has been told how a doctor filmed having s*x with his patients in his treatment rooms. A witness narrated how the doctor of osteopathy sent suggestive messages to her.
The messages, which were sent at various times, included: “Just working…I’m a doctor xx give me a minute or two xx.”
“I’d love to have an inappropriate consultation with you as a ‘patient;’” and “I’m an osteopathic doctor…You could come to my college for a thorough examination.”
An osteopathic doctor treats people who are sick or in pain by pushing and moving bones and muscles.
He also had s*x with a female patient in his consultation room while still treating the patient, her husband and their children; and exchanged sexually explicit text messages about a patient with another osteopath.
The tribunal was told how Dr. Nicholas Salway made arrangements to meet a woman at the British School of Osteopathy for what he called “adult fun;” while he also sent a text to another osteopath boasting about having had sex with the woman before treating her husband the next day.
He said he could provide “inappropriate consultations” and his efforts were “exually motivated” which “transgressed sexual boundaries and/or professional boundaries,” the GOC was told.
The Council decided that Salway had crossed the “unacceptable professional conduct” threshold because he had clearly violated Osteopathic Practice Standards.
He had been placed on a nine-month suspension order, but the Council eventually ruled that he could no longer practice because the claims he faced were so serious.
The committee said: “The registrant consciously and deliberately blurred the boundaries between his professional life and personal life and as a consequence, his behaviour has brought the profession into disrepute.”
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