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Friday 3 February 2017

Meet the 14-year-old young achiever who will be studying Physics at the University of Pretoria

South African top academic achiever, Hjalmar Rall will be joining his older ones in undergraduate studies at the University of Pretoria.
The 14-year-old will be studying BSc Physics in the hope of becoming a top South African scientist.
According to Businesstech, Rall chooses to study Physics because it has been his passion for long and he believes that when one enjoys doing something, then such a person is bound to succeed as long as it’s not boring.

Rall is also reported to be one of the numerous South Africans willing to put in their part in making South Africa a better place. He said he would make an impact in South Africa as a scientist even as he plans to further his studies after his degree.

Congrats to the lad!

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