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Monday 6 February 2017

Nigerian woman pens letter to her miracle twin girls, whom she had prematurely after 7 miscarriages

A Nigerian woman Mrs Omotayo, who suffered seven miscarriages has penned a touching letter to her twin girls on their second birthday. 
Doctors in Nigeria told her that the babies won't make it after her water broke at  5months, 1 week. The adorable girls were eventually born at 6 months and weighed 1.9kg. Read her full story entitled: "A Love Letter To My Wonderful Miracle Angels On Their 2nd Birthday " after the cut...

"I can't believe u re 2 years old already My heart connected wit d both of u d moment I saw u I Remember when u were born? a long journey which created d bond we hav today.my joy knew no bound when the doctor told me i was expecting twins after 7miscarriages. A prayer answered with so much joy and anticipation I looked forward to ur arrival.ur pregnancy drew me closer to God I prayed endlessly for Gods mercy nd protection i ruptured membrane (my water broke) @ 5months 1week so confused but determined to do everything within my power so u can live after the doctors in Nigeria told me my babies cant make it cos i was just 5months old with zero chances of survival.i knew it was time for me to call on God for he said he will never leave me nor forsake me. i took a big risk against doctors warnings that I shouldn't fly and left for Houston Tx.Thank God for his mercies. Miraculously contractions stopped tho I was still leaking water after 3weeks contractions started again.4th Feb 2015 My Angels were born @6monthsweighed 900gm nd 1kg. Both babies weighed 1.9kg It was a mixed feeling cos I wasn't sure very low birth weight. I worried about a lot of things mostly deformity.but my hope was fixed on God and God showed himself strong ever faithful,Days passed by I prayed endlessly as i watched u both grow in the incubator.Very cute little Angels on d 3rd month my Angels were ready to go home no deformities at all.they passed all their tests.The way you look out for each other is so compassionate and kind and that is the most important thing I want u to give and receive in life - compassion and kindness ur pregnancy,birth and survival is an evidence of God's love for me I use ur story to encourage every woman mostly those still believing God for a miracle like u both that God is alive and can never fail. He will surly visit them like he visited me.
HBD to my amazing angels Amal&Aimal #Omotayotwingirls#Love u my super stars."

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