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Friday 3 February 2017

Nigerian woman who gave her husband money to pay her bride price seeks divorce from him for lying about his employment status

A Nigerian woman, Faith Ogu, has asked a Jikwoyi Customary Court in Abuja to dissolve her marriage to Joseph Ogu because he deceived her about his job status. As Faith told the court, Joseph told her that he works with a bank and owns a business in Lagos that generates millions in income. He also lied about owning a house in Lugbe. Believing these, she loaned him money to pay her bride price and she also sponsored their wedding.
As Vanguard reported, after tying the knot, Faith, who is a civil servant, discovered her husband was completely jobless and she tried to encourage him to get a job, but he allegedly made no effort. She followed up by reporting the issue to her husband's sister yet there was no improvement.

While presenting her case before the judge, Mr. Everyman Eleanya, Faith said;

“He is lazy and does not want to do anything for a living; I have been lending him money, hoping he would pay back. I sponsored our wedding and even lent him money to pay my bride price.”
Faith pleaded with the court to grant her request so that she can move on with her life.
“I beg this court to dissolve my marriage so that I can be free; I am tired of feeding, clothing and paying medical bills for my husband”
A judgement could not be reached because Joseph Ogu has not been in court since the case started, so Mr. Everyman Eleanya adjourned the case to February 9th.

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