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Thursday 2 February 2017

Photos: Ugandan police officer kills wife, turns gun on himself

A police officer in Nsyambya, Uganda shot and killed his wife, before turning the gun on himself this morning at the Nsabya Police Barracks according to local media reports.

The officer has been identified as Police Constable Godfrey Sabiiti, while the murdered wife as Carol Akol.

One of the neighbours said she first confused the first gunshot with an electric shock in the Sabiiti’s house.

She says when she went to check what had happened, she saw the blood and then heard the second shot, presumably of the officer killing himself; and that at this point she made an alarm and run away.
"I advised the other neighbors not to go in there, and we waited until the police came," the witness said.
A source said Sabiiti, who hails from Alur district, was deployed in Mbarara. He returned yesterday to Kampala and went to the armory and lied that he had been assigned in the city, and therefore got a gun, before heading for the Barracks.

It is still unclear when transpired in the night between him and his wife leading him to shoot her dead and himself. Sabiiti according to the source has served in the police force for 12 years.

The bodies of the two have been taken to the City Mortuary for post mortem.

More photos below...


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