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Tuesday 7 February 2017

Pitch invader runs into football field and scores last minute goal.. and the goal stands!! (video)

Wonders will never cease in the world of football! What you are about to view might be the craziest football clip in history.

On Sunday, Olimpia and Motagua, two of the biggest clubs in Hoduras, played out a very intense and entertaining match and after a goalless first half, Motagua scored two goals, and were leading 2-0.

Towards the 93rd minute, Olimpia (the home team) was attacking Motagua and their player managed to score a goal, at the same time a pitch invader ran into the field with another ball and kicked it into the net.

Shockingly the referee allowed both 'goals' and the match ended Olimpia 2-2 Motagua.

Lol..Corruption is not only in Nigeria....

Watch the video below.

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