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Monday 6 February 2017

Revealed: Health Mistakes Busy Mother's Make

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Are you one of the working mother who focuses more on the welfare of everyone around you, while your own health sometimes suffers? This article will be helpful for you. As a working mother, you tend to focus more on the welfare of everyone around you, while your own health sometimes suffers!
Of course, you can be so busy such that you neglect yourself. Or you can be involved in some unhealthy habits which can have an impact on your physical and mental health
However, physicians are saying that this need not be.
What are the health errors of the typical busy moms? These ones…
• According to nutritional biochemist Dr. Libby Weaver, one of such health errors is alcoholism.
• Something else to avoid at all costs is the sugary snacks designed for children.
• Have your own snacks on hand to avoid the temptation of your kids’ food.
• Having healthy snacks on hand will help you maintain constant energy levels and be kinder to your weight loss goals.
• Try nuts and seeds, yoghurt, health bars or fruit. All of these are quick and easy to buy, so perfect for time-pressed mums.
• You will also benefit from a bit of me-time. This reduces stress and helps to maintain an overall positive atmosphere at home.
• Sleep is the most important factor in staying healthy as a busy mother. Sleeping less than six hours a night has been linked to weight gain and obesity, as well as depression and anxiety.
• It can also be the final straw in a failing diet.
• Women should get between six and eight hours of sleep a night to improve their mental and physical health—even if it means not everything gets done before bed.
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