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Tuesday 7 February 2017

Security Guard Finds Out a 70-year-old Man Has Been Sleeping With His Wife...What Happens Next is Shocking

File photo: Zimbabwean police officers
A security man who found out that a really old man has been having intimate relations with his wife has reacted very violently. Peter Sabore, a security guard in Gweru, a Zimbabwean town, has been dragged to court for allegedly attempting to remove a 70-year-old man,  John Omale’s private parts.
According to Tuko, Sabore hurt the old man after he allegedly discovered he has been sleeping with his wife.
Sabore, a 45-year-old man, wanted to remove Omale’s testiciles with a motor bike brake during an altercation that happened on January 8 2017 on Baricho Road, Industrial area.
On Monday, February 7, he was a arraigned in court where he was also accused of hitting and injuring Omale.
The court heard that Sabore, who was on guard duty, had been unwell and decided to take some treatements and sleep.
Sabore then went to the 70-year-old man with a motor brake and attacked him claiming that he had snatched his wife despite being that old.
He promised revenge saying that he won’t stand and watch Omale steal his wife, promising to damage his private parts in the process.
Sabore is said to have pulled the brake and hit Omale on his private parts several times before he was rescued, saying: “Omale was taken to hospital as it was hard for him to walk due to the injuries inflicted on his testicles,” police told the court.
Sabore was then arrested after the matter landed to the police. He denied the charges and asked for lenient terms and was released on a cash bail of KSh 10, 000.
The case will be mentioned on February 20.

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