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Wednesday 1 February 2017

Sweet Love: Couple Who Met on Twitter Now Set to Tie the Knot (Photo)

The couple shared a picture showing their love journey
A couple have shared the story of their love how they met on social media and fell in love. Now they are set to get married. This is the kind of love story we love to read. Social media is really bringing people together in a most incredible manner. A woman by name, Tosin has shared her extraordinary love story of how the man she met on Twitter in 2015 has turned out to be her heartthrob.
The duo who are about to marry, shared their pre-wedding photo on PreweddingNaija page and it reads: "He sneaked into my DM [Direct Message] in 2015, then we moved to bbm, few weeks later he came to my office to see the girl he has been chatting with. He was too sleek on the first meet and I thought to myself 'player alert' lool. We just grew from there, God really bless me with an amazing being...1year and 10months after our first date here we are."

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