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Monday 13 February 2017

TBoss Asked to Sniff Falz as Popular Rapper Surprises #BBNaija Housemates...See All the Details (Photos)

Popular Nigerian rapper, Falz the Bahd Guy who had an epic performance during the Big Brother Naija eviction show on Sunday night, has paid a surprise visit to the housemates in style. This week Biggie reminded the Housemates that they had a voting audience that they had to keep entertained in order to win and also that they should brace themselves up for a special guest. Upon hearing the news the anticipation was already palpable.
Biggie's special guest turned out to be none other than Falz The Bahd Guy! The Housemates freaked out and swarmed him screaming after he walked in. 
After all the chaos had subsided he told the Housemates he was a huge fan of the show before blowing TBoss a kiss as she blushed. He then forced the Housemates to confess their crushes. New Housemate, Jon confessed that he had feelings for TBoss confirming Bisola's accusation that they were getting quite cosy and Miyonse is a thing of the past!
He then sat back as they danced for him and was so overcome with gratitude he started fake crying. No doubt he was throwing shade at some of our more emotional Housemates and everyone had a good laugh about it.
Gifty was also smitten with Falz. She interrupted him let him know she thought he was cute and she's been watching his lips since he walked into the House.
TBoss was feeling the heat too and literally begged him to sniff him. Being a great sport, Falz complied with the her request and boy was she pleased.
Then things got serious as ThinTallTony asked him how he got where he is as he had admired him for years. Falz opened up about struggling with being very unique but learning to compromise without losing himself. He then spoke to all the Housemates about their passions and told them to come out of their shells and be true to themselves in order to make it far in this game (particularly Gifty and Debie-Rise).
It wasn't long before the buzzer sounded and it was time for Falz to go but not before taking an epic selfie with our Housemates and telling them how much he admired them. "Everybody here, has already blown up!" TBoss still swooning asked for his jacket before he walked out the doors.
Credits: Africamagic.Tv / Big Brother Naija

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