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Friday 17 February 2017

U.S Rapper Accused of Cutting-off His Manhood, Strips Completely N*ked After Loosing Lawsuit Against TMZ (Photo)

Andre Roxx
A US rapper has stripped completely nude after a judge dismissed a case brought by the Wu-Tang Clan affiliated rapper against TMZ over a mistaken report that he cut off his own manhood in 2014. Three years ago, one of the most peculiar and disturbing news stories in hip-hop history broke as the headline which read; “Wu-Tang Member Cuts Off His Own P*nis” spread through the internet like fild fire. 
As crazy as the details sounded, it was very true. A Wu-Tang affiliate, Chris Barer (Not a core member), had severed his own p*nis and jumped from the balcony of his second-floor Studio City apartment in an apparent suicide attempt.
TMZ had exclusively reported the shocking story that it was Wu-Tang affiliate, Andre Roxx, that severed his manhood, but the story was not really true. It wasn't Andre who cut his peen off, it was another of the group's affiliate, Christ Barer, and out of anger, Andre then sued TMZ for defamation of character.
On Tuesday, February 14th, Andre's defamation of character lawsuit against TMZ was dismissed because the statute of limitations had run out. On Thursday, out of frustration, he took to Facebook to prove to everyone once and for all that he didn't cut off his peen by posting a full frontal nude photo.
He wrote; 
“Case dismissed on a Technicality huh? OK so I guess there is no way I can maintain my dignity AND clear my name, so f**k it. Here’s what you’ve all been waiting to see.

“Do me a favor and screen shot this post and send it to TMZ, BET, USA Today and all the other news outlets that decided to fight me for 3 years rather than simply issuing a retraction and clearing my name, and ask them why they couldn’t just operate under the principals of basic human decency and clear the name that they destroyed.”
See the full frontal nude photo of Andre which he posted on Twitter below;

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