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Friday 10 February 2017

"We will officially settle down once we build apartments for our children" Diamond Platnumz and Zari reveal

 Tanzania singer, Diamond Platnumz and his partner, Zari have  revealed the reason they are yet to be married.

Speaking to a local Tanzanian radio station, Clouds FM,  Zari, 36, revealed she wants the biggest wedding affair in East Africa but first, some conditions have to be met which include building apartments for their children.
“We are not under pressure to exchange vows, we have never sat down to plan out wedding despite having two children together. But before all this, we first want to advance our economic investments. We will settle down formally once we build our children apartments which will help them in the future, even if we won’t be around,” said Zari.
However, Diamond is scheduled to visit Zari's parents for a formal introduction in March 2017.

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