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Wednesday 15 February 2017

Woman sues assassins she paid to murder her for failing to deliver after receiving advance payment

A woman in Taquatinga, Brazil, has sued an assassin she hired to kill her, for failing to deliver on the service. The woman, who was not named, suffers from chronic depression and had tried taking her own life several times but when that did not work, she paid a hitman and undisclosed amount and also gave him her car and in return, he was meant to kill her.

The hitman eventually disappeared after receiving the part payment and the aggrieved woman took the case to court. She told a Taquatinga judge that her consumer rights were breached by the killer's failure to carry out the killing.

The judge informed the woman that the agreement was not legally binding as it was not signed at a public rotary and also that the signing over of her car is not enough proof that he was paid to kill her.

The case was dismissed because, according to the judge, even if the agreement followed legal process, it would still had been regarded illegal because what was being paid for was already unlawful.

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