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Tuesday 28 March 2017

16 suspected drug cartel members on the loose after tunneling their way out of Mexican jail

In what resembles a script out of a Hollywood blockbuster, inmates at a Mexican prison staged a real life prison break after digging a 120ft tunnel in their desperate bid for freedom. 29 prisoners escaped but 13 have been recaptured while 16 are still on the loose. Luis Alberto Rodriguez, a state security spokesman, said that the tunnel was five meters deep and 40 long, and the opening was hidden in a hut that the inmates illegally constructed in a part of the prison they essentially controlled.

CNN reports that following the incident, officials destroyed unauthorized shelters constructed by inmates on prison grounds and searched all of their cells. The authorities also sealed up a hole that facilitated the daring escape.

In reaction, angry prisoners staged a riot in which three inmates were stabbed to death and one was injured, according to officials.

Source/: Daily Mail.

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