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Tuesday 21 March 2017

Any Man Who Lets His Wife Go on Top of Him During S*x is Not Going to Heaven - 'Pastor' Makes Shocking Claim

A new video making the rounds on the internet has shown the moment a 'pastor' made a shocking claim about s*x positions. This is the video that has caused quite a stir on social media.
The video which has since gone viral online, shows a man making claims about how a man and his wife should position themselves during s*x.
Smartly dressed in a white shirt and striped tie, the man has been described as a 'pastor' on social media.
In the video, the 'pastor' is seen saying "The lord has made man to be the head, not the woman.
"So those men who enjoy their wives coming on top of them in their matrimonial bed, the Lord said they are not coming to heaven at all."
Social media users who saw the video have reacted to it with many calling the man a "fake pastor".
Others have simply dismissed the man as a clown.

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