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Thursday 30 March 2017

Bizarre! Checkout The Ethiopian 'Fat Man Contest' Where N*ked Men Drink Cow Milk and Blood to Gain Weight (Photos)

An Ethiopian tribe holds fat man competition every year where the men compete to get the biggest belly
A local tribe that is far detached from the modern world has been discovered in Ethiopia and they have a rather weird event called 'Fat Man Contest'. A report by The Sun UK has revealed that an Ethiopian tribe holds a bizarre fat man competition where tribesmen compete to become the most rotund.
The Bodi tribe live in the deep south of the African country and the contest is done annually to celebrate the tribe’s new year.
The competitors spend six months preparing for the big day with strict rules surrounding the event.
The tribesmen will also spend hours in the hot sun running around a sacred tree
For half a year the men feed themselves solely on fresh milk and cow’s blood to fatten themselves up for the big day.
During this time they are not allowed to leave their huts or have s*x, but they are waited on hand and foot.
Women and girls bring them milk every morning in their quest for big gut glory.
Battle of the bulge: the tribesmen gorge on blood and milk to increase their girth
The only prize for the winner is fame and the adulation of his fellow tribesmen.
The area of the Omo Valley where they live does not welcome tourists meaning their traditions have been left largely undisturbed for generations.
The men spend the six months before in small huts where they are waited on hand and foot by the women of the tribe
The men drink the blood almost straight from the cow after the beasts are punctured with a spear
Some men struggle to consume the entire bowl of blood as it quickly becomes swamped with flies
The competing fat men cover their bodies in clay and ashes as part of the ceremony
The clay is used to whiten the skin of the competitors in an ancient tradition
The women take care of the fat men: they give them alcohol, remove the sweat, and sing for them to keep them awake

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